Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July1st/8th Letter - NEW MISSION! See Maps!

 We didn’t get a letter from Elder Blackford on July 1st  so this is what came on the 8th but covered the previous week....

Yeah, so it gave me an error =(  don’t know why it didn’t get sent, but here’s last week’s update!
Heeey, everyone! Tthings are going super here in Caucaia do Alto II

So let’s get down to the technical business.
New Mission:

Address stays all the same, just instead of interlagos its Oeste.
President is Presidente Del Guerso, he’s from Rio!
It’s confirmed that with the changes (remember I talked about lots of last minute transfers? well a few more happened) and I’m still here with Elder Warner, and so that transfer only lasted 4 weeks, meaning that we lose 2 weeks of the mission, meaning PROBABLY (I’m still not 100% sure         ) that I will return 2 weeks faster, putting us at November 5th. Almost, Erin, almost...hahaha.
Elder Lopes is officially the new financial secretary, how cool xD
Elder Longley stayed in Interlagos, and I’m sure Elder Dial in North, seeing as they are both ending their missions this month (people ending the mission can’t enter the new missions because they already bought plane tickets haha). So I won’t see them again.
Elder R. Nascimento and Elder F. Amorim are also moving to Oeste. Elder Sabino stayed in Interlagos.
So yeah, that’s about how the things are rolling. More details about the president and all tomorrow in our reunion of ZLs to converse with the new president and establish the mission rules, procedures and stuffz.
I think that because this is the last transfer of Elder Warner I will end up "killing" him. Oh boy. I don’t like to see lots of blood.
So I think that’s about all I can think of in the moment.
It’s been raining like crazy this week. Saturday night we got pounded with rain and we were without umbrellas and stuff, we were as wet as if we had jumped in a lake. It was kinda funny but we changed clothes when we got home and we’re not sick =D  yet.
Elaine and Bruno are doing good and bad. Elaine couldn’t go to church cause she was sick because of reactions from the medicine of the chemo. Bruno stopped smoking! He’s listening to the cd of the Book of Mormon I gave him and he’s pumped for baptism Sunday. Elaine is as well if she can get back to being healthy.
Invites were made to the marriage of Cleber and Glacie, woo! The 13th - 11 o clock at the civil, 12 at the church, with lunch and a blessing of the bishop (like a little ceremony thingy) and then WATER! sploooosh.
We had 13 non-members at church Sunday. It was super ballin - and 6 of them are preparing for baptism this month! Yes! The others we got marriages, divorces and other crazy stuff but were getting there.
Oh yeah, speaking of Sunday. I almost pooped my pants. Just kidding but it was the first time in a long while I was a little nervous about speaking in front of people. No, it wasn’t a talk at church. Elder Warner and I gave a training session at stake level, to all the bishoprics, ward mission leaders, high priests presidency, quorum presidency of the stake and wards. So like it was 120 something leaders and then little old me and Elder Warner busting out the word and animating everyone to help the missionaries and we explained how to use progress records, how goals of the mission work, we took out doubts about baptism and procedures on interviews and all that. It was pretty cool. First time is quite an experience, cause a talk is one thing but training is another especially with that many people.
But now we got the confidence of the stake president and the high council people and we’re on the in on meetings and stuff. Woo! It’s always good when the missionaries can work with the leaders.
We had a bye-bye meeting with President Pinho on Friday. It was like nooo! I didn’t even bring my camera and I didn’t bother taking a picture cause for me, like president is awesome, but by whatever means, I’m gonna work and baptize. Just do it man.
But it was cool cause President did super GH of me and Elder Lopes (GH is gloria dos homens) about how he went this week to a stake conference in Grajaú and he talked with a woman there who asked him if he remembered her, and he confessed he couldn’t remember, and she said that 1 year ago she and 4 of her 5 children were baptized and that they are all still strong in the church, she has a strong testimony and is determined to send all of her kids on a mission, and that she wanted him to thank Elder Blackford and Elder Lopes for helping her family. Of course that lady was Gina. it was just really funny how President told the story, he said he took a picture with the family and he is going to send it to Elder Lopes and he will send it to me  =D  - who will send it to you folks at home! It was a really special moment for me to know that the work I am doing is having fruits of success and has moved already more 25 lives of her friends and family who have entered the waters of baptism.
One person can make a difference.
Elder Blackford
(Remember to put BRAZIL SAO PAULO OESTE MISSION in the address now)
Elder Blackford is still in Caucaia do Alto - almost the center of his mission area. The very eastern tip of his mission goes into the heart of Sao Paulo.

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