Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 12th 2013 Letter

So this week went by super well. We had a lot of stuff going on with conferences, interview stuff and who knows what else.

Sunday was the baptism of Isaac, the ex-brother in law of Thais, who was baptized 2 weeks ago. It was a really special baptism, cause his mom gave a super strong testimony (she can’t be baptized yet because of her husband, he is kinda a jerk and doesn’t want to get married, and she doesn’t want to marry him either so it’s kinda a stalemate.) But that was cool, it was so important it canceled choir! (please don’t kill me mom!) haha. We got lots and lots of work to do here in Caucaia now, lots of recent converts and yup.
So that means that we had baptisms EVERY WEEK for an entire transfer, what a blessing! It was a lot of work, and I feel very grateful for all the work the Lord has done for me in all my efforts. In the first year of my mission I only had 14 baptisms (I know that numbers don’t matter) and now I had 15 just with Elder Warner, I really feel like I learned how to work and be an effective missionary.
And that’s what I mean, the end of the transfer...sigh...
So, what happened, you ask? The obvious, Elder Warner was transferred! Nooo! He will go to his last area. He only has 1 more transfer, so yeah. He right now just showed me the email that he received with his itinerary of the plane, that’s trunky.
So yeah, mission training is cool stuff, it’s all about weekly baptizing and how to gain the confidence of the members, it was pretty simple.
Also, the mission started this thing that everyone will read the Book of Mormon doing the marking activity of PMG (Preach My Gospel) (to know what to mark go to chap 5 in PMG and go to the very end and do the activity of reading the BoM that’s in the instructions to mission president). We are going to all read it in 3 months, but for me I’m doing a twist. I’m not going to do it in Portuguese. I’m doing it in Spanish. It’s going pretty well. We started today but I’m already in 1 Nephi 5. Let’s see how well it goes, haha.
It’s gonna suck here cause Caucaia 1 will re-open, so 2 new missionaries and Elder Warner also won’t be here, so there will be 3 new missionaries and they won’t know anything about the area so it’s gonna be lots of stuff for me to handle, above the rest of the stuff going on in the zone. (just a little clarification - Elder Blackford is Caucaia 2nd Ward so he will be working with a new companion plus helping the new elders in the 1st Ward become familiar with the area)
I also did 5 baptism interviews in Cotia (Cotia is a neighboring city and the name of their zone). That was a lot of work. We were running like crazy beasts. zona Cotiiaaaa!! baptisms like crazy!
Let’s see, I don’t know what else to say. That’s about it.
Also, we have had a lot of sun this last week but now it’s being cold again at night, its super cold and I get sad, so yeah.
So hope that everyone is good and healthy stay pumped!
Elder Blackford

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