Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19th 2013 Letter

Wow what a busy week!

Onn super cool new updates...
My new comp is Elder......Ruiz Diaz! That’s right folks.

He’s got 1 year 3 months, was called as a new ZL and is from Uruguay. His whole family are members and were baptized long time ago. He was in São Paulo North, so it’s been a little hard to work out the habits and styles of the 2 missions. This transfer is gonna be a beast, it’s already been way different.
So, that’s cool beans.

Elder Warner went to Butantã, which is like pretty close by. It’s the stake next door. He’s in the same chapel where he already served in Rio Pequeno, (little river lol). So he’s over there to die.
My comp freaks out every time we see lots of trees and grass. He was in Perdizes, which is straight up center São Paulo. He was in the richest ward in Brazil, like everyone is millionaire. So it’s going to take a while for him to get used to the ghetto again.

We didn’t have baptism this week, however we have 2 this week, Nestor and Ana. They are an awesome couple. They are both in late 50s, but are way cool. They already have strong testimonies and they will be awesome leaders in the church. I am super pumped. They will be baptized Sunday. Also, Saturday will have the baptism of Alexandre. He is in Caucaia 1, but I was teaching him with Elder Warner and Elder Perdomo. He had a freak out 2 weeks ago and dissappeared. He is an ex drug addict and drinker. But he has 2 months that he has left the treatment center. He was going alright but he wasn’t able to find work, went nuts and left his family and everything went to São Paulo and started trafficking drugs. This last week he was up on duty and a woman in a car rolled up, got out of the car and looked at him and said "you, yes you, you need to stop now what you are doing, you need to go back to where you are from because if you don’t you will die here. You found the truth, you know what it is and you can’t turn back on it, God needs you there." He showed up here on Wednesday. I went there with the other elders and he wants to be baptized on Saturday, the day that he was preparing with me and Elder Warner. However, we’re gonna have to have an interview with the president, cause for sure he’s got some repentance to go through.
Other news, I got a call Saturday from the financial secretary, it was Elder Lopes screaming "hey, Elder Blackford, Elder Blackford guess what guess what guess what" and I was like whooaa, what the heck, but anyways Bishop Mangus from Lucélia passed over in the office, and told Elder Lopes of the late things going on in Lucélia. The big news being that Gina is going to get married! She started "dating" the father of 2 of her children again, however with in gospel norms right. She brought him to church and all and he decided that he would marry her, but she made him first do an interview with the bishop, who talked with him and set everything up, that they will get married and on the same day will be his baptism. They have already gone to the cartório and it’s all set for the marriage. I don’t remember exactly the date, I think it’s like September 5th or 14th or something like that idk. But anyways Elder Lopes said he’s gonna see if President del Guerso will authorize us to go participate. I don’t think he will, but it would be super tight. So that’s a pretty big step in her life, boy was I pumped to hear that!

Wow, it is kinda scary that people are starting to get back home...ahhh I don’t even want to think a lot about it, I’m just gonna keep it cool here in Brazil ok? Thanks  =D
Tell Elder Bell gratz for his call! He’s gonna have a stupid accent speaking all of his double l sounds with a shh sound instead of the sound of "yome yamo" its "jo me shamo" … what weirdness. And all the B and V sounds are B, so it’s not yo vivo its jo bibo. lol.

Well, that’s what I got for the week. I’m super pumped and all.
I’m going well with my BOM reading. I’m still a little behind to be able to end in 3 months, but to end before the mission I’m going good. I’m in 1 Nephi 15.

I challenge everyone else at home read the BOM before I get back (dad in Spanish too!) it would be a great experience.
Loving everyone, giving big hugs and all.

Elder Blackford

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