Friday, August 30, 2013

August 26th 2013 Letter and Photos

Wooo one more week down! Man is it awesome to be a missionary.
That’s awesome that you got to talk to Grant. That slacker never did a division with we when he could...but oh well, what can you do, neh?
Wow, tell Erin congratz that she got the money to pay for the mission! For sure she was working super hard. I still didn’t really understand the principle of hard work too well before the mission, well not that I didn’t understand I just didn’t want to apply it.
So yeah, way cool. Adam sent me a letter telling me peace! It was cool. I contacted Dillon as well. He was transferred to the same ward where he already was, just being in the other side of the ward (has 2 sets)
Whooa the girls will start school on the 4th!
On the 4th we have a meeting with Claudio Costa! He’s from the 70! He’s famous here in Brazil for burning people, just like Holland! woot! We will have a meeting with the LZs and him and then the whole mission. Also he will interview 10 missionaries, so who knows if one will be me or my comp or someone cool. J
So yeah, that’s some cool rundowns.
Nestor and Ana were baptized. It was a super awesome the baptism. They chose me to baptize them.
We also had a new family go to church. Her name is Talita, she’s like 27 with 3 kids, Vitor is 12, Abner is 10 and a little girl of 2. She loved church and so did the boys, so we got 3 baptisms going for the 14th, and we got lots of other people but it’s all in the work still.
Saturday night we had the ward’s dance festival. It was supertight ballin. There were lots of funny dances and what not. I liked it. We had over 10 visitors and so we got talking with a lot of them, however, none of them came to church the next day...what a poooop.
Let’s see, Alexandre was not baptized. He ran away again Friday and wasn’t seen after. We ran into his wife today on the road she was coming back from work and said her daughter called her and said he came back the Elders will go there and see what’s up...if he went and did bad stuff. Baptism just got more complicated...
Oh Elder Ruiz Diaz está aprendendo muito comigo, e
oh woops forgot ….
So my comp is learning a lot with me, he has the desire but his mission didn’t have all the tactics or the hard working habits that our mission has, as in invite people firmly to be baptized and not leave much doubt or maybe it’s yes yes or no no.
We split the ZL duties just as I did with Elder Warner. It’s like Tuesdays at district meeting we switch off which districts we do interviews with, the missionaries to follow up how things are going, make plans with them, smack them in the head when they aren’t being obedient, stuff like that. At night we switch off calling the district leaders seeing how is everything, inspire them to be obedient, stuff like that. It’s pretty tiring at night. I just wanna sleep but nooo, gotta talk to everyone and then plan, then I sleep. haha. So with all this we are being able to help out everyone in our zone.
We had a few adventures this week. I met a crazy family - the most dysfunctional family I have met. When you got 15 kids and 3 of them are cross dressers and everyone smokes down to the 7 year old, you got lots of problems.
I really don’t know too much else to say this week. We had lots of crazy experiences lately but I don’t remember or I don’t really know what to say.
My comp is still going nuts everytime he sees green stuff, like wooow! He got super excited to see a train and walk on train tracks.
Oooh, I’m going well in my Book of Mormon reading. I’m in like 2 Nephi 16 I think - in Spanish.
Yeah, that’s about all I got for this week,
until the next.
Peace, love and fruit leather
Elder Blackford

Cotia Zone


Missing a label  


Guilerme's baptism


With Elder Perdomo 


Pizza with Gabriel



Isaque's baptism 


  Nestor and Ana's baptism 

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