Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 5th 2013 Letter

Well, that sounds like things are going swellingly for everyone. Glad the reunion was cool. The photos were sheik! But where are your glasses? Let’s see, well, it was weird to see a picture that’s like "the family" but like tons of people are missing. This just shows our family is growing..old!

Yeah, so next week is the update about transfers, and I have no idea what is going to happen. I think it would be cool to stay with Elder Warner for 1 more but at the same time, that would mean I wouldn’t get much time in another area afterwards (1 more transfer here to show the area, then 1 more somewhere else) and so the other way around I get 2 in another area if he gets transferred, or maybe I get transferred for him to die here.
Our ward has an attendance of around 100. Bad days is 80 ish, good days 120. This last Sunday was 94, but a huge part of this is missionary work. There’s always 10-15 non-members with 8-10 being investigators.
We had a baptism this week, Guilerme. He’s a friend of Khaynã - that first baptism here. His mom never gave permission but we got it this week, and we sent him for a swiiim!
Ha ha.. and yes, Loring told me about the one more week in the mtc, how great neh? But I think it makes sense, right, he has to go with the transfers...why they didn’t plan that in the first place idk.
Our Peruano already went away.  =(  He was transferred this morning. He went to Taboão with another missionary whose comp goes to Barcelona today. So yeah, I have no idea if he will come back or what not. So for this week Elder Warner and I are working in 2 wards. woot woot more fun.
That stinks that Ethan will take a while, but at least he’s going to Manaus. It’s like the mission that has the most baptisms in Brazil, and almost the world. The Indians all want to be baptized. haha.
This week was pretty busy - as always. We had a training thingy of the zone leaders in São Paulo, which was kinda weird, cause like the way the opinions and all work about mission plans goes is it’s always the mission president has the first word, then the assistants and then the missionaries with most experience with the stuff, (which this meeting was like lead by me and Elder Warner) It was kinda different, we took a bunch of stuff we were doing here in Cotia - which this week will be implemented in the whole mission. (because it’s going well here, our zone had the most baptisms last month, and already started this month with the most again)
It’s all chill, we got some cool changes that will happen on Friday. Next week I’ll tell you all about them.
It’s starting to heat up a bit. The intolerable cold has gone away, thank goodness.
There was a change in the Brazil Area 70, hopefully we will get to know the new dude be4 I split.
So I would like to give a "Sunday missionary" challenge to all of you, something that I love doing that not only helps with getting to know the members and gaining confidence, but making differences in people’s lives. This Sunday do what we do every Sunday - you have the challenge of shaking the hand of literally every person in the ward, saying good morning, tell them that you are so proud of them for making the effort to go to church today, and then bear your quick testimony (such as I know that the Sabbath day is a special day, or that we are blessed when we make sacrifices) and ask them if they need any help and if everything is ok with them. I know you aren’t missionaries, but let’s do it this Sunday and see what happens to your Sunday. I promise you guys that it will be an amazing experience.
Yup - so that’s about all I really got.
Keep strong and remember to drink lots of water!
Elder Blackford

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