Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 22nd 2013 Letter and Pictures!

This week was awesome. We had the baptism of Vera + Géssica (jessica). We combined it with 2 baptisms from Caucaia 1, Adriana and Horácio.
So that was 3 weeks straight of baptism! And this Saturday we got more! Thais, Guilerme are ready. Thais works Mon-Fri all day and we have 0% chance to see her, so we will use public phone to follow up every day. Guilerme - we just need to get the mom’s permission but we got plans to do that as well.
Also we have like 3 more baptisms because of our new area...
So Elder Nigri, who was here in Caucaia 1, was a visa waiter to go to Argentina, and everything went through Saturday night. He left this morning to go to Argentina, but as there is no other missionaries in the mission to take his place until transfers (Aug 13), Elder Perdomo is our new comp!
He’s a new guy, has like 2 months on the mission. He’s from Peru. He’s very shy but very smart and is talking really well. He understands pretty much everything already. His only problem is working. He is still learning what this word means, but no worries, we’re gonna teach him haha. Waking up at 6:30 is gonna be a fun new experience, as he was having many difficulties. But no worries, now we wake him up.
So we are going to work in 2 wards, and they have 3 baptisms marked for this Saturday but they live waaay the freak out there (grillos is the name of the bairro, translated, crickets.) So let’s see if this works out as well. I have taught them one time on division.
Also we had the temple. It was super good, but Elder Warner forgot my camera. I’ll steal his pics today and send them next week. Also the marriage and baptism of Cleber and Glacie - the memory card is with a member who made cd copies, and he gave me a copy and forgot the memory card. This piece of crap lan house computer won’t open the CD thingy, so next week you will see those pics. (I used another card to take all the wedding pics)
So yeah, things are going super well. The work is progressing and we seem to always be busy. We have a great relationship with the bishop and members; everyone here loves us. Also we were forced to do choir (our lunch was singing and they live a long ways away so we have to get a car ride) and they are trying 4 part split. The only male who knows how to do this is me, and so I had to teach a bunch of tone deaf Brazilians how to sing. It was a fun experience, but Elder Warner got the tenor down (I taught him on the spot as well how to do it) so they just got to follow him and the others follow me, but like, let’s see how it turns out. It’s super freaking easy – it’s The Spirit of God - super cake base line, so let’s see. Ha ha.
Let’s see, today we bought 4 bottles of 2 liter refri, and were gonna play ping pong and loser has to chug it, so let’s see how many times were gonna pee today!
I got my hands on the institute manual (in Portuguese, it’s the same as the religion from BYU just translated) of the LDM and its helping me deepen my study on the LDM. I started this week again - 1 nefi 4 already!
So yeah, things are cool. I am pumped to work this week. Things here get crazies every stinking week. But it’s going good.
Tomorrow ima get some letters off for y’all.
Loves, hugs and kisses.
beijo na bunda! <-- this is my famous phrase I say to all the missionaries
Elder Blackford
Most pictures he did not include any description.....

Baptism of Kalebri.

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