Monday, August 12, 2013

July 29th 2013 Letter and Pictures

Well here we go, sounds like things back at home are going great. Here things are going awesome, always living by Elder Bbackford’s motto. I don’t know if you guys have already heard me say it, but I always say it to everyone. "A missionary never gets tired, he’s always pumped" and when they ask me but like when you’re exhausted and going to bed? And I say "I said we don’t get tired, we’re just pumped to go to sleep."
So, that’s right, I’m always excited and animated.
This week was sweet. We had lots of work to do because of the whole thing of 2 areas, but hey it was tight because we had baptisms, in both areas. And with Elder Perdomo still new, Elder Warner and I had to help with like everything, so we had 3 baptisms, 2 on Sunday with 1 on Saturday.
Saturday was Thais, she has been going to church off and on for 4 months. She is the girlfriend of a member here, who is like 2 Sundays yes, 3 no, 3 yes 1 no - ya know what I mean? But hey, she finally got an answer after a lot of talking with me and Beca last Sunday. She decided to go ahead with baptism. (Beca is the nickname of Leandro, Beca is short for fubeca, which is slacker in Portuguese, no one knows his real name – it’s been about 10 years that everyone just calls him beca)
That’s cool and all, so the baptism was smooth, was super cold out, but hey, that’s what makes all the fun.
This week was the coldest week of my life, it was like 2-3 degrees C at night, reminding you that houses don’t have heating so to take a bath in the morning and study was a total crap. Seems it has passed and is heating up a little, come on sun!
It was really cool to have another baptism, 4th week in a row with baptisms! We must remember where our blessings come from, and remind ourselves without God nothing are we, so gotta be humble.
We have a baptism for this Saturday as well, we just need to get the permission of the mom, but she opened up to us these days and we’re going there with the bishop today and probably were gonna bring food to help the family (it’s a mom with 3 kids and she works a bunch) so let’s get her good side and baptize good ol’ Guilerme.
It’s going well with Elder Perdomo. It’s weird being with a newbie again. I’m having to remember patience when he doesn’t do stuff right or forgets or he is scared to invite people to baptism and what not. It’s going well, we like him a ton, he’s just still a boy. He’s in the process of becoming a self-sufficient man. But it’s pretty fun. I’ve learned a little bit of Spanish with Peru accent.
hablas para papá que es uno burracho.
My health is fine, or here there say suave na nave - which is chill in the boat because suave and nave rhyme.
Other things of interest...
My shoes are super torn up. I gotta buy new ones soon. Water gets in too easy. This will be like my 7th pair of shoes.
I have become addicted to powdered milk, like you know milk mix to make water milk. It’s way good with bananas, just much up a banana with the powder and go for it, yummy stuff.
If you were wondering why my hair is cut so bad, it’s because Elder Warner cut my hair. It was his first time ever cutting hair so it wasn’t too bad.
I’m going to teach y’all how to cook rice the Brazilian way, so much better man.
Also, I want you guys to know that I love you all and that the mission is the best thing ever, no regrets, fo sho.
So have a great week everyone cause this week is the week. There’s like so many weeks, but this one, is that ONE, ya know?
Elder Blackford
Baptism of Thais

Elder Blackford's awesome sweater

Pizza with Beca

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