Friday, September 20, 2013

September 16th 2013 Letter

 Opa! i ai i como que tá cara?

So this week was a busy, busy, busy week. We went to a leadership meeting Wednesday, and that was cool lots of stuff to talk about the mission. Once again the leading zone in baptism last month was Cotia (woohoo! were 2 for 2). It was cool.
Thursday we spent a lot of time in Agreste. We made lots of plans in the Agreste to help members there get ready for the ward conference.
Friday we went to the hospital early. My comp had to do some blood tests and some other stuff. It’s all chill. He’s just slowly dying on the inside, but on the out he’s fine.
Saturday we had to clean the church and we brought some investigators as well to help out. During the afternoon Cotia 1 called us saying they needed some interviews done for that day! So we (with luck) managed to get a ride with someone heading already to the stake center, we divided with the Elders, my comp did an interview for a dude who had already been interviewed but had problems with the word of wisdom afterwards and needed to have everything confirmed that its chill. I went to another visit to a 16 year old girl who will move tomorrow to another part of São Paulo. She said that because of this she wouldn’t be baptized (she was scheduled for this Saturday). We talked with her for 5 mins, and then I decided I would just interview her for baptism. I did so, and talking with her, the spirit was strong and I invited her to be baptized Sunday before church, and for her to move being a member. I got the info on where she would move to and the Elders passed it to their bishop to pass to the new bishop. Sunday she was baptized. Whew! She had given up until that last little visit.
Sunday we had 2 baptisms as well! Abner and Lucas! Abner is 10, and his family has been going to church for a few weeks now. His brother (Vitor) is 12 and he didn’t want to stop drinking coffee we tried everything, but he is a really desanimated person so we were like dude just go to church, afterwards we try to help you, I really lost a little patience with his laziness. Their mom is still into, uhh how do I say it in English...witchcraft? Like the whole calling demons to possess your body and falling on the ground and sacrificing animals on the streets in the name of Lucifer. yeah that kinda stuff. But don’t worry I have repeatedly told her she needs to repent, a lot. She hasn’t had lots of progress yet. She likes going to church and wants her kids to go there cause she knows it’s a good place... ?????
Also, we have Lucas who is 15, our little buddy of Isaac! Yes! He was super pumped for baptism; he is going along really well. His mom went to church for the first time to the conference, and she loved it. It was super awesome! So yeah it was cool.
The sacrament at the conference was distributed by Cleber and Isaac as well. It was super cool to see 2 recent converts serving already! Isaac is also our teachers’ quorum president! Wow! They announced it on the pulpit during the conference, I looked at him and he was like WOOAH THEY SAID MY NAME! It was pretty funny.
Tamiris didn’t go to church...uggh we got pretty frustrated about that. We didn’t get to follow her up very well, so yeah, didn’t know what to do, cause she lives in Agreste and we couldn’t go there Friday or Saturday.
Marcos e Amanda are going well, they went last week to the cartório to get married (I still to this day don’t know how to translate cartório) but they need new birth certificates, and hers is super far away in another state, and because of government structure it’s gonna take a while for that to open up and so yeah...that’s gonna be for the next Elder. Remember that next week is transfers! Yeah I know, already!?!?! How is that possible? I do not know my dear friends. I don’t know.
I tried to sent pics but the computer has issues today, so they come next week, kk?
Also I’m in Mosiah 12 in the BOM is Spanish. Rock on!
Man I never can seem to remember the stuff of the week when I sit down here. I don’t think we had too much crazy stuff, but it was still a crazy week.
But yeah man I don’t know what much else to say. My companion is still going well, he is still a little weird and all, but it’s chill. He still listens to lots of music, which gets on my nerves cause it never stops (he sleeps to music takes shower to music, studies with music) and it’s like "good music," like its spiritual and all, but I can’t really handle it for that long. It’s just, whatever, I’ve gotten used to it.
So love and miss you all!
Elder Blackford

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