Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd 2013 Letter

Wow what a crazy week with lots of stuff.

Thanks for the envelope, although I have not received it, I am excited to get it soon.
We are planning to go soon to 25 de Março to buy a bunch of stuff. My comp knows it well, so I will buy lots of cheap stuff straight from china, things post mission probably ya know, hats, glasses, t-shirts techno gear etc. so I’ll take out some money from my account and all. I will need a bit, however it will save my butt on buying stuff when I’m back.
Yes, I have room in my suitcase cause I lost a lot of stuff that got old and I don’t even use 1 suitcase. It’s all in 1 for now. haha.
Yup, Wednesday is with Claudio Costa, super pumped am I!
Talita is going o.k. She didn’t go to church. She said to us Saturday that she would be going to do some sort of test - idk. But a member went by her house, picked her up by car, and she went to church, just to leave in the front and take the bus to go to Cotia. What a crap!
However, we had other successes. Tamiris is from the Agreste. She knows a few members and João Lemos has been preaching to her for a long time. She decided to hear our messages and is super pumped about everything! BOM, church, baptism, even mission! Everything in 1 week, wow, that’s awesome. She is 18.
Then there is Lucas, 15 year old who just cares about soccer. He went and met up with Isaac, our recent convert from last month, and they became friends! Yes! They are the only teachers that our ward has so it was cool to have youth! Isaac did an interview with the bishop cause he wanted to talk with him about the priesthood and get him ready to receive it next week. Lucas being at his side he waited in the hallway innocently not really understanding anything, and when Isaac finished his interview, Lucas walked in and shut the door to do his, without a clue what’s really going on. The bishop thought it was super funny, and to make it not awkward he did an "interview" with Lucas, asked about his family, what he was thinking about church, and he is pretty excited as well.
Yes, success!
Also, we have a couple that have been coming for a month. They got arranged their documents this week, and we did a division and I taught them with a member. I called the bishop Sunday, we did a request for money to pay for the marriage, and it’s all set. Thursday morning were marking another marriage! Although I won’t be here for it or the baptism imma work hard to prep everything so it goes swell.
We had another super couple at church, that were with a goal to mark their marriage this week too, marcos and Amanda. They just moved to a half built house (we helped them move Saturday). He lost his job, we already brought the bishop and another couple that lives close by them, and were going Saturday morning with like 5 more brothers to finish building the house. It’s gonna be rad. They are super pumped, already stopped drinking and drinking coffee too.
So yeah, we are having lots of success, and we got lots of baptisms here to come. Working hard with the leaders. Everyone here is super attached to us. It’s gonna be hard to leave, man, were invited to do everything with the members here, it’s so hard to breathe. My comp got a headache from church. He is not used to the list of 20 things to mark with members every Sunday, running around nuts like we do, and he literally got sick because of too much information.
aiii siiim.
We’re getting along good. We have lots of different styles. Our biggest issue is with rules. Things that I stick to and he says "oh, it’s not important" has been our biggest problems. I just decided to let him do what he wants because that’s how their mission worked, but our next leadership meeting were gonna bring up all the things we had conflicts that need to have a rule yes or no put in place and decide on them with president and the other ZLs.
yup yup.
So I’m with a little cold but that’s nothin’ to stop me! Just eat a banana!
I’m so proud of everyone and all the work at home! Keep strong Erin for the mission. It’s gonna be great! So that means in the MTC you’re gonna have a Spanish speaking comp, straight up from Mexico or somewhere crazy. All your lessons will be in Spanish and with no-mercy. So that will be cool. Go learn that fake Spanish of the USA! woo woo!
Btw, I think Spanish from Uruguay a little weird. I prefer Peru.
Oh yeah, and I’m in Jacob 6 now in the BOM in Spanish! Rock on!
Love and miss you all have a gr8 week!
Elder Blackford

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