Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 9th 2013 Letter

And there we have it, the 21 months part, 3 to go. Wow that is so crazy, but it means I gotta work harder, my dear friend!

So today, we got up and went to the 25 de março and I bought like 100$ of stuff (being white shirts, ties, hats and sunglasses). I plan on going again because there’s SO MUCH STUFF. Lots of fake stuff that’s like real, that is super cheap, and lots of the real deal stuff for good prices. Man, I went to the "gallery of rock" and holy crap, talk about the desire to buy sick hats, shirts of rock bands, and SHOES. Man my type of shoes, skate, slip on, Nike boot thingys and tons of like buttons, pins necklaces patches, everything for a skate/rock look. Not that I’m an emo, but there’s lots of tight clothing, and were talking ORIGINAL band shirts for the price of 10 USD, Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin park, Falloutboy, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay, the works, my friends. Also videogames, Call of Duty, Halo, Skyrim, god of war, etc.
I bought a cool Pokemon necklace!
Anyway, due to the nessisidade to take out my money quickly (Wednesday I got my card at the meeting), Sunday the Bishop let me use the church phone and I activated my card. (he took us with to go there because this Sunday is ward conference and he wanted to buy a bunch of stuff there to prep so we went along). Afterwards he took us to an all-you-can-eat buffet. wooooo was supertight!
So no worries on the card, suave na nave (chill in the boat).
So my last week was a crazy one, quite possibly the fastest on my mission.
Tuesday, district meeting I had to resolve a fight between 2 missionaries (it was for my comp to do it but how he’s still new to this whole thing he was too scared to try). Their companionship is going through a struggle but we’re in the process of resolving.
I then went to Vargem Grande in division, where it’s been almost 4 months without baptism. Everyone that they are teaching is without real interest and the missionaries weren’t really seeing it, so I cut like 8 people for them, and told the Elder not to go back cause they won’t progress. It was hard for them but they accepted it and learned they are here to baptize the ripe fruits, and leave the maturing ones to mature.
Wednesday with Claudio Costa. Man that dude is super GH (gloria dos homens) but he knows lots of stuff. I learned a lot about the difference the presence of the spirit does in our work, and especially about being a leader, being strong and firm but not rude. I liked how he showed toughness when helping, meaning to be a leader you must be tough.
Lunch I spent the entire time talking with Elder F Amorim, my son! He’s going well, he’s still as prideful as ever, but he’s funny.
Thursday I spent the entire day in division with Acuña (from bolivia) but we went to the cartório during the morning and we marked a marriage! Yes! It will be the 5th, marriage and baptism! Joseane and Adailton. They are in their late 20s/early 30s. 2 little kids.  2 years is one and the other 3 months.
We also had a super FHE at night that was tiiight with Nestor and Ana. Tamires fell through with the FHE because of some technical issues with her boss and then her ex-bf came in to cause havoc, but she’s pumped still for baptism. I think it will still happen this week. We have 4 planned, but only Lucas is like for sure, you know? Isaque got the priesthood on Sunday, and Lucas got all pumped as well, he also went to an FHE of the youth and YSA and we didn’t even know! So yeah, yes gonna be awesome.
Friday we lost the entire day cause I went all the way to Santo Amaro with Elder Lopes to watch the marriage (Saturday was a holiday that’s why it wasn’t Saturday) and on the way there we ran into Pres. Pinho! He talked with us a little bit. waay coool =D. He said that BYU sent some stuff to him. I don’t remember what stuff, but he said he told them I’m awesome and everything is all set with the part of the mission president to confirm the stuff. cool beans
I don’t have pics of the marriage cause my camera was dead. But Elder Lopes will pass it all to me Wednesday when we go to the zone leader meeting. Man were going to São Paulo a lot. oowch my wallet.
The marriage was super special. There was a couple there that Elder Crandall and I reactivated. They are strong and working hard in the church. They updated us on how everyone is, going well there. The new chapel is up, there will be a new chapel of JD. Lucélia, how tiight!
Gina showed up over an hour late. The lady at the cartório got super angry at everyone. I decided she’s a jerk. But it all worked out. Lots of happiness, and what’s cool is that her husband is with 3 of his kids, so now its 10 people in the family. 8 kids, oldest being 15. thats ballin. I can’t wait to see the pictures in a year at the temple! He was baptized 3 weeks ago.
Saturday we had a church cleaning. I went and I did lots of dirty work, cut up my arms legs and hands, burnt my neck cause I was with a t-shirt but it’s all chill. no pain no game.
Then we went to Marcos and Amanda’s to finish roofing the house for them. I learned how to make cement, and pass it. Dad wouldn’t approve of the project cause it involved heights where you stick 2 2x2 in the wall in the holes, and leave them on the roof of the neighbor’s house (that is flat) and then throw 2 planks between them, and that’s the standing space to pass the cement to fill in the gaps and put up the tiling. At the start I was really nervous to step there (its sturdy the problem is just the height, ya know?) but I got used to it. I’m ready to build houses! Wednesday we’re going back to put in floor and wall tiling in the kitchen. woot woot.
So this week was just run around crazy. I won’t lie, I have no idea what’s happening with the time, but I hope the mission lasts longer. Maybe I can ask a 6 month extension?
Just kidding –Mom, that would just kill ya.
Speaking of college, I looked at the stuff you sent. I marked all the classes that I found interesting and did some arranging. It looks like I will be able to take like a finance, marketing and econ class. I don’t remember exactly right now, like 5 classes that are required for finance, marketing, Info syst, and accounting. So I will basically take these classes mixed with like a port(uguese) and new test(ament), I think, and depending on what material I like more doing these, I will follow that profession (this way I aint gonna lose time trying to find it out, however, I think it’s going to be marketing or info sys.)
Sent a letter to the 2 little ones Wednesday, be on the lookout.
I have been keeping contact now weekly with Matt and Tyler - my victims for when I get back from the mission. buwahahaha.
With all this, I’m way behind in my BOM reading in Spanish. I’m only in Enos. urrg. But this week my goal is to finish Mosiah. Let’s go go go.
So yeah, love everyone, hope the life back home is as exciting as you want it to be!
Remember, never get tired, just excited to go to sleep!
Elder Blackford

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