Friday, October 18, 2013

October 14th 2013 Letter

Good bye Erin! Hope you find your dad!

Don’t forget a Frisbee! It’s a really good thing to have on the mission. Just don’t take mine - kkk.
Oh, and don’t forget to baptize at least 54 people. Está bien borracha? Wow, it is so crazy to think that you are going off on a mission. Don’t slack off. Don’t ever plan to knock doors. If you see in your planner you put Bate Puertas - you failed =/. It’s lame. Understand the "work of salvation" that was passed recently, and study chapter 9 of PMG. Things will make sense why knocking doors is ridiculous. Love you! See ya in 2015! Lol.

Oh my road is...Amália de Oliveira Vargas 127. I think that’s the name, it is literally right by the chapel of Rio Pequeno, that’s a good reference point. Look for praça da família and the Ceu Butantã (school of the heavens =O!!) which is also nearby and then you gots the big road of Raposo Tavares and there’s a super big Extra (supermarket) right by and also the mall (shopping Raposo) and Leeroy Marlin. (in front of the mall)
It’s a pretty cool little area full of fun stuff.
Woop. Ok so this week was cool beans - my tongue continued burning Monday-Saturday. I still don’t know why my mouth was on fire.
I’m so strong and I’m so fast I got runs.
And what else... oh yeah we had a lunch with an old lady and her mom, and the old lady came "running" to shake our hands and tripped and fell, knocked over a bunch of pictures. Glass went shattering, bookshelf fell down, blood started spilling. Whew. Yeah it was kinda nuts. At least all the blood was from her knees. She had to go get stiches. She’s like 84. Not even a member, Catholic until the day she dies. But whatever, at least she’s ok. Scared the crap out of everyone.
Also my book of Mormon reading is good. Still in Spanish. =D  I’m in 3 nefi 17. For sure I’m gonna get done before the 5th of Nov. woo!
I bought a simplified hymnbook in Portuguese. Its legalzinho. (pretty cool).
I also won for myself a JW hymnbook it made me sad that they bothered to put the syfrus (think that’s how you spell it) in the hymnbook but we don’t. It would be way cool if they put it in. Maybe later I will write the people responsible and tell them to do it. The simplified hymnbook has it, so it makes it even easier to play. But whatever.
I am loving still the mission. It’s full of great and fun things to do. Talking with everyone about Jesus. It’s funny because I have lost all patience with people who start making up excuses.
"Hi were missionaries and my name is Elder Blackford. What’s your name?"
"Oh I’m really busy right now and....."
"Oh ,my Portuguese must be bad but, sorry, I asked you your name not what you’re doing. But ok, bye, the church starts at 9 every Sunday!"
It’s kinda sad - my patience, but it’s how they say, who wants something does it, who doesn’t makes up excuses. So yeah, it’s kinda funny.
Working with the members is way cool. I think it was Elder Ballard who said everyone has to bring a friend to church before Christmas. I’m stoked to animate the people to do their part.
Sunday while at the members’ house right before lunch their cat bit my ear and tried to play with it. Woohoo! Playing with cats!
Well that’s like all I got this week. Mom don’t cry that much ok? Or else you will get a headache. =D
I got the box, it was great. Exactly what I needed no worries. Now you don’t have to worry about sending these super expensive boxes to foreign lands.
Love you all! Keep it real!
Elder Blackford

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