Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21st 2013 Letter and Picture of his apartment

This week was really good. We worked super hard. I spent 2 days out of my area, one in Rio Pequeno, the ward that shares the chapel with us. And the other day I went to the assistant’s area, passed the day with one of them. It was cool, it’s fun to be with another hard working missionary. My comp is really good; he just is too nice sometimes. Like when we go to the house and the person is sleeping - he lets them sleep. I wake them up and say hey! I came all the way over here to teach you so wake up and let’s go. It’s kinda funny. Sometimes he doesn’t like it but oh well; they will learn to not be lazy.

As far as investigators go...we had a family go, except the dad...what a slacker...
Anyway, the 2 kids, Douglas and Maiara, will be baptized Sunday. Also Sonia, she’s like 71, she went to church as well and she is going to be baptized. We also have Luan, whose dad is a RC, but he lives with his mom, he has already gone to church a few times, and so we are trying to mark a visit with his mom to explain to her about baptism and all, get her signature and BAM! Water.

So basically we got 4 people planned to throw in the water this week. It’s gonna be GREAT! Just like frosted flakes!
Let me see... there’s not much else to say. It’s starting to get really hot outside, so that kinda stinks
Wow I’m so excited that Erin’s out there! I’ve been telling everyone that my sister is a sister! kakakakakakakaka!
But that’s it people! Love you all!

beijão no bundão!

Elder Blackford

Google image of Elder Blackford's apartment. He lives on the lower level of the place in the back

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