Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28th 2013 Letter

So, anyway, this week was super full of things to do. We managed to have 3 baptisms, Maiara, Douglas and Sonia. Saturday we have marked the baptism of Luan, 6:30, and it’s all set as well. How blessed I feel to have managed these baptisms that the Lord gave to us. It has been a lot of work and I feel that things are going a lot better here in Butantã. We have members working with us and they are all pumped. We had a few FHE this week that were way cool and people got animated.

I also spent 2 days out of my area. I spent 1 night at Rap. Tavares and another at Rio Pequeno. It was pretty fun. This week was really hot 1 day, cold the next. It’s still happening. It’s really dumb. One day you are wanting to take off your skin, the next you want a sweater. What a blessing.
It was super hot this morning and now it looks like a storm is coming. That’s how São Paulo works this time of year.
Also I have been running these days during the morning. I am so out of shape and fat. It makes me sad. But I have lost some weight again, I hit 76 kilos for a while, but now I’m at 70 again. Whew. But I still wanna drop back down to 67. (Don’t ask me pounds cause I don’t remember anymore use a converter)
Yeah, but all in all I still can’t believe how much time I have on the mission. Next week we’re almost..almost at the 1.11 but not quite there yet so no worries. =P
So I’m still super excited to work, next week is transfers as well so you guys will get all the highlights and details on that. I don’t think I will be transferred but who knows.
OOOH SUPER NEWS! So you know how in Cacaia I always talked about the Agreste? That other part of the area that’s far away from the church where lots of ppl live? Well, there is going to be missionaries there now! The work there continued strong with Elder Ruiz Diaz, and he convinced President to put more missionaries to work there. I am sure they are extremely happy the members, who are working so hard to open up a new branch there so they don’t have to go so far to church. Rock on!
Also I helped the missionaries in Rio Pequeno take a couple to mark their marriage in Santo Amaro (heading to grajaú/interlagos). It’s not even in our mission limits, but that’s where we do it for freeee! While I was there we saw some missionaries from grajaú and Kelvin! (a dude who was in the sisters’ area and they taught him horribly and Elder Lopes and I had to go teach him and explain all of the doubts the Sisters created). (who tries to explain to someone learning about the church that they will become a God and have powers to create other worlds and that there are actually lots of Gods like God and blah blah...durrr..only sisters would do that) but anyway he’s so strong that he’s got his mission call! He’s about to head out. aiiiiiii siiiim!
But yeah things are cool here, health is cool beans and I’m pumped for this last week of my last full transfer!
Blackford...rollin out!

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