Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 8th 2013 Letter

Well, the members are so-so involved here. It’s a richer area, and I would say half our ward is in the higher level of life, so this is different for me. I still don’t know the bishop...he’s been in Salt Lake since I got here. I was told he was at general conference.  lol

Monday night I got super sick and started vomiting, wooo! Tuesday was knocked out being sick and exhausted. Wednesday we had leadership meeting. Thursday I got to work! Whew. Friday we had a blitz in the sisters’ area, and then I was running doing some baptism interviews. Saturday was conference, my comp got sick and starting vomiting, and he was bad until today. He’s still kinda sick, so Monday we spent in the house (p-day is today, Tuesday) and today we had p-day and it was our day to go to the temple. That was fun! We have lots of things going on here in Butantã.
New investigators, not really. There are a few people that seem like those eternal investigators, this week were gonna discover why, resolve it, and baptize them.  =D

My comp is super awesome. No complaints. So work, work, work. He’s a very humble Brazilian. He is copying everything I do. He has had a lot less success in his mission than some, and I think him knowing that I was the ZL in Cotia (the leading baptism zone), he is trying to learn all he can. He was just called as ZL so I’m training him in the responsibilities. Woot.
At the meeting Wednesday about how the mission is going, I put my foot down that I didn’t like some new procedures and policies and put my revised ideas as a suggestion of the new way to do some number relates, follow-ups, and proselyting rules. Everything I suggested was put into place almost unanimously. But it sure did bring up some heated conversations.  =D  It’s fun trying new things.

I also can’t believe that yesterday was the 1 year 10 month mark. That’s like, NUTS.
There are lots of things going on here, but we spent almost the whole week in the house. I used some time to read my BOM in Spanish, I’m in like Alma 58 now. Whew! Going strong man! Let’s see if I can finish before Nov 5th.

So yeah, that’s about all I got for you all.
We had another rat in our house. No worries, he climbed up on my suitcase (that was just on the floor) and I wacked him with broom handle (nailed it!) and he smacked the wall and broke his spine. I then threw him to the lady’s cat (who lives above us), who is my new best friend after I gave him the rat. lol

Let me see, next week p-day will be Monday, normal stuff. And we will go back to sending email during the morning.
Peace and love.

Elder Blackford

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