Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 23rd 2013 Letter and Pictures

So dun, dun, dun, as expected, I was transferred...nooo!

I got to say bye bye to everyone in Agreste, the other part of our area, and today we invited some 10 people to the bishop’s house at night to do a little party thingy.


So, unfortunately, I lost a little bit of time because of LAN house issues, sending pics, and of course because of some things I had to send to President about disobedience of some missionaries to help out with stuffz. But no worries, here’s the rundown…


I am extremely sad to be going. Man, I love Caucaia, it was a blast here. I hope that my next area will be difficult. I don’t want an easy place, I want to have to work, use all my skills that I have learned up to this point to do my best.


I have had a little cold for the last week, it’s not bad, but it’s just a little bit of mucus in the chest, ya know? Just beat the chest and cough and it all goes away.


Raining a lot these last few days, lots and lots of rain.


We have lots of people getting ready for baptism here, I would shoot for some 8 people next month that will be baptized. Go Cotia!

Don’t worry, I’m not trunky yet, I’m still totally involved in the mission.

I took lots of pictures! =D

Umm, did you already send a care package? I really just would like another pair of inserts and a stick of deodorant. Doesn’t have to be lots of stuff, whatever candy is cool. But 1 more pair of inserts so my feet don’t go dying at the last little bit (I mean really they are pretty tired).


Yeah so there was a lot of stuff this week. Oooh, cool story, so this week I learned that Satan speaks Spanish.

So it’s only happened a few times that I have run into someone who is possessed. But this last one was kind of cool. I was on the road, heading back home about 9:15 at night, I was with Elder Hamblin (from Cotia 1) and there was this drugged up dude on the road. He stopped Elder Hamblin, shook his hand moved his body a little weird and Elder Hamblin went on. He then grabbed my hand and said to me "Mire!" and I had a strong feeling that I shouldn’t look behind me, that I should keep looking at him. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he said some things to me in fluent Spanish, with an accent from Argentina. Obviously this kid punk of like 20 years living in the ghetto in Caucaia doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. And how would he know that I would understand, and not Elder Hamblin. I then responded to him that I understood what he said and told him to step off (in Spanish) and he let me go and then we left. Elder Hamblin was like, whoa, I didn’t understand what was going on! That was nuts!


So there you have it folks, the demon is real. And he speaks Spanish.

Over and out.


Elder Blackford

Baptism of Abner


Last lunch in Caucaia


Baptism of Lucas


Gina's Wedding

Braden playing in the woods

Braden's Sunglasses

Elder Pintando during a service project

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