Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 29th 2013 Letter

Man my English sucks it’s so hard to remember how to talk.

(Elder Blackford's return has changed once again - November 26th is the most current date - due to another Elder's return date and with so many missionaries out they are not granting requests for extensions).

My date moved because elder Martinez is from California, but his sister and brother don’t live in California, get it? They live on the east coast now, and Dec 1 they head back to east coast. (plane ticket ya know) so he asked to go 1 week earlier because he was already going in the middle of the transfer (old date was Dec 3rd, but I didn’t tell you that it moved) and so the date for him to go back moved, and mine went as well.

Woooow! How awesome that everyone else is going on a mission! I wanna go too! Another year and half isn’t much.

Peace out to Erin. For sure. Tell her she has to have a super awesome goal for baptisms on the mission, 50 at least. For sure.
So my new area is sicktight ballin. It’s called Butantã. It’s pretty famous; it’s like a zoo place that’s famous for its snakes. So I’m nearby a place with some of the deadliest creatures in the world. Rock on. Also this is the area where Eder Warner was! So we spent like a year following each other, he was in Grajau with me, then went to Caucaia then here. Wow. Lol. But both he and his comp were transferred, so we're opening an area - me and my comp - totally lost. How awesome.
Wow the keyboard is super stiff. Sucks.

But anyways, my comp is Elder Ferreira. He is from Fortaleza, the land of beaches and babes. That’s what everyone says. Check out some pics of Fortaleza on the map, it will blow your mind. He’s got like 1 year and 7 months on the mission, and was called to be ZL this transfer. So that’s pretty cool. I like him a lot, he’s way chill. I didn’t bring my camera cause it’s raining a lot and the LAN house is far away. But he looks igual Greg (my cousin)  -whoa, snap. Has the same voice as well. It’s kinda funny.

Our ward here is pretty cool. It’s a lot of people with lots of time in the church. It’s been a long time since there were baptisms. They had like 3 this year. Yeah, so were gonna have to work a lot to change that, especially with the members to do work. The stake pres went to our ward Sunday and talked with us and he spoke, we did too, just a little testimony. He said he is sad that we aren’t in his ward, that we're the missionaries most excited he’s seen in years. Woo! Good confidence there.

Man, our house was a PIG STY when we got here. I’ve spent countless free time hours just cleaning our house. It’s pretty good. We had a rat come in today. But we scared him off.

Our zone is pretty different. We got lots of problematic missionaries. But that means we just get to be more creative to help them! So that’s being cool as well.

Well yeah, so I’m super pumped, there’s lots of stuff to be doing here. So I’m sure the time will fly, and conferencia geral won’t help much.

Oh and I was walking and in the grass in a ditch I saw a piece of plastic and I felt the urge to pick up the plastic and I did. Turns out the little piece of plastic was a micro-sd card. The super small ones. 2gb. and it works. Way cool.

So yeah, that’s some stuff to update you all. There wasn’t like any investigators so we're starting from 0 as well. But it will get rolling.

The almighty...
Elder Blackford

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