Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th 2013 Letter

So about being AP- it’s been pretty cool and fun, but it’s really busy. For sure I have lost lots of sleep. lol  We don’t get the blessing of going to sleep at 10:30 always.

My companion is Elder Martinez. He’s from my district in the CTM. He’s is from Fresno. We never even passed in the same zone (same time or any time, so our mission was totally different) but he is super cool =D. We work exactly the same way and we both love pizza! And we are going back the same day. So when we finish there will only be the other Aps. There are 4 of us, but 2 will keep on going. lol  So we will be on our Atlanta flight, but then he goes to Salt Lake and I’m going straight to Seattle He is going to study at BYU so I will see him there soon. No worries.
So my "house" is the area above the mission office, but I kinda don’t live here. What we do is we have the part of doing the presentations (this week we have multi zones and we have to prepare a bunch of stuff) but also we are doubled in doing visits and divisions with the missionaries. I spent the week in like 3 other areas, and tonight we’re headed to Caucaia 1, which is right by Caucaia 2! (how cool!) and we’re going to work with them tomorrow. It’s really tiring because these missionaries are all like looking up to us cause we are the leaders, so we gotta be on 100% game when we are with them, so it’s pretty rough. We can’t be trunky either, so it’s all work, work, work. It’s way cool.

But it’s fun, this morning we had a meeting with pres del guerso talked about the missionaries with difficulties and plans for us to go help them and plan certain stuff. We are on the inside of everything. and were like operation ninja. So that’s how the things are. There are about 50 companionships on the mission, and like 13 are sisters. Something like that. Yeah so things are chill.
Yeah… there are lots of stories and things I don’t have time to tell. I will be honest, I hated writing in my journal. There were times when I did good, but I just don’t like writing with a pen. It’s so slow and ugly. I think if I had a sort of ipad I would have kept a journal more tidy. But I still got lots of stuff.

Just so you know mom, like none of my pants are good anymore, and like 3 shirts, everything needs to be like burned. My clothes are horrid. So I’m coming back with like nothing. lolercats.
I have letters that I didn’t manage to send to the girls, and I think I might not end up sending them cause it’s so close...but oh well. It’s the thought that counts?

Love you all keep it strong!
Elder Blackford

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