Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18th 2013 Letter

So yeah…. this week was super good. We worked super hard. We went to Caucaia 1. I saw some old friends there. =D That was fun. We then had the first of the 2 multi zone conferences. That was weird sitting in the front, giving my farewell testimony and also doing trainings and all that stuff. Then we went to Morumbi! That’s where the big soccer stadium is, I saw it,  =D but I wasn’t with my camera and I didn’t take pics. =(  But that was cool. We found a Buddhist. He was cool. Then we had the 2nd conference. I thought it was better than the first. It was cool to see everyone on the mission right before we go. It was really special, you know, I basically know the entire mission, and there were so many missionaries that came up and said "thanks Elder Blackford for helping me with ______ I hope I can be a missionary just like you!" It was really special to think that I had made a difference in several lives of other missionaries. That was great. Same thing with Elder Martinez.

Then we went to the zone Camp Limpo, in JD Kennedy and Ypê. Kennedy is an area where Elder Warner passed. I visited a RC that he baptized. We were with Elder Hadley and Elder Malaquias (like the last book of the Old Testament malaquias) and it was great. Malaquias is new, 2nd transfer. And he has to be the most innocent person I have ever met. He stopped studying in like 5th grade, so he doesn’t understand much, has little studies but he has a great desire to work and learn. He has never watched a movie that isn’t a movie by the church. (He is a member for like 7 years), not because he couldn’t but he never wanted to. and someone showed him the case for the new Spiderman movie and he, with all innocence, looked at the case then looked at the member and asked him "and what gospel principles are taught in this movie?" like literally asking him, and everyone started to laugh and we had to explain to him it’s not a church movie, and he decided he didn’t want to hear more about it. It was really funny. He’s the best.
JD Ypê we spend with Elder Lima and Oliveira, both of them are new on mission, 4 months with Oliveira and 2 weeks with Lima. He was wanting to go home, but after 2 days working hard and having fun with us, he is really animated, I hope he continues strong. I feel when the next big problem hits he is going to want to go back, but I feel that a great part of the worst has already passed. Elder Oliveira is super spiritual and a super hard worker.

But yeah… so that was basically the week. I think next week I will send a short email, although we literally can do whatever we want, I think we’re gonna try to get permission to go to Grajaú/Interlagos area and visit people from there, but here in a bit we got our meeting with Pres. del Guerso and we will talk with him about some stuffs.
Work as AP is going well. I already knew the drill after spending time as ZL so there wasn’t that much "training" to be done. The only thing kinda weird is like permission to use the computer to do some stuff, and like we can dink around on paint, but other than that that it’s all cool. It kinda sucks when we have to get on someone’s case when they aren’t doing things right, but whatever, that’s how it rolls right?

Well until next week! (literally)
Elder Blackford

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