Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th 2013 Letter

Hey, so about the itinerary, I don’t have one yet. I know it’s been a while since Elder Taylor bought the ticket, and I told him not to send it to me early, but tonight I’ll be in the mission office I’ll tell him to send it to you, and all that, and I’ll only look at it the last week ok? So don’t tell me the hours when you get it.

Also, let’s see. In other exciting news, this week we had 2 baptisms! Yeah! So we ended the transfer with 5 baptisms. This was pretty cool. (Although sad because our zone ended the transfer with 7...)
Luan and Fabiano were baptized. Luan is 10, pretty smart and cool kid. Fabiano is 13, and is totally gay, but that’s ok cause he wants to choose the right! (and rainbows!) So Sunday there were 5 confirmations. Almost didn’t have time for testimonies ha-ha! That was cool.

We don’t really have any people super ready for baptism, but we’re teaching a lot of people.
Well, speaking of the transfer...I was transferred! Ouch. Yeah, how sad. I know right? They take a guy who was only 3 weeks and move him out! I’m pretty sad, I was really starting to like it here and the work was going going... but bleh.

Also I am no longer zone leader. So that designation is over as well, but oh well.
Now I’m what’s called assistant to the president. So yeah, to the mission office I gooooo! There will be lots of new opportunities in these next few weeks. Tomorrow I’m going to be getting up at like 4 am (I’m going to spend the night at the mission office today) and I’m off to the airport with my new comp (I don’t know who it is - he is also a new assistant) and we’re going to pick up a batch of new Americans. woot woot.

So there’s that news!
We didn’t have Halloween here. But we had a party for my comp, cause Halloween is his birthday! yay! He turned 21. We had food and stuff, cake and brownies (the sisters made brownie!) But it was way coool.

Uhhh... yeah I don’t know what else to really say. lol. It’s going to be really weird these last few weeks and I’m gonna have to keep way concentrated.
I ate lots of pizza this week. Like 3 times. But I’m still not gaining lots of weight. I am still 69. It’s been a while since I have passed 70. So I’m staying o.k. Don’t ask me in pounds cause I don’t remember how pounds works anymore. lol. Just find a calculator to move it from kilo-lb.

We were running every day during the morning, it was really good. Wow I love to run! My comp was and is super out of shape, so we went super slow. but still it’s good.
Hmmmm, I’m not gonna lie. My mind knows nothing else to say.

So peace out. Good night, good luck!
Please don’t get trunky people alright?

Just think of how many minutes there are still, it’s a big number.
Elder Blackford

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